Report Abuse and Misconduct



Prince Albert Youth Soccer Association provides an environment that supports participant’s physical and emotional safety (free of bullying, discrimination, etc.)

Prince Albert Youth Soccer Association has the following policies and programs in place to achieve this environment:

  • Means for reporting bullying, discrimination and harassment as per Saskatchewan Soccer policy for all participants including but not limited to players, team personnel, and referees.

  • Adheres to CSA’s Code of Conduct and Ethics

  • Respect In Sport for coaches and parents

  • Making Ethical Decisions for coaches

  • Protect the Kids Policy and reporting suspected or known abuse

  • Implemented Guidelines for Interaction with Children Adolescents

  • Implemented Abuse and Safety Policy



Reporting Child Sexual Abuse and Misconduct

NOTE: The information provided below is intended to be a quick reference for use in a sporting environment and is not meant to be exhaustive or to replace legal advice. Consult with child welfare, law enforcement and legal counsel if child abuse is alleged or suspected.


1.1 When a person becomes aware that a child may be or has been abused, there is a legal and ethical responsibility to take action.

1.2 Individuals are responsible for reporting concerns, not proving abuse.

1.3 If a person learns about past child sexual abuse that is no longer occurring, they have a legal duty to report the abuse. The offender may still have access to other children and those children may be at risk.


Steps for Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

a) Child discloses abuse or abuse is discovered with the adult involved in the abuse being a coach or volunteer


b) Coach/Volunteer who receives disclosure

i. Notifies law enforcement and/or child welfare about the incident

ii. Consults with child welfare about notifying the parents

iii. Notifies the supervisor/manager, who in turn notifies the head of the organization.


c) Head of the organization suspends coach/volunteer suspected of abuse without pay until case is resolved.

i. If the individual is a volunteer or unpaid staff, consider if the individual should be dismissed from their position immediately


d) A child welfare agency and/or police carry out investigation. Organization should conduct an internal follow up in consultation with police/child welfare and adjusts internal policies if needed. Potential outcome of investigation:

i. Substantiated/guilty. Coach/volunteer is dismissed from his/her position

ii. Inconclusive/not guilty. Seek legal counsel. Consider if coach/volunteer should be dismissed, with or without severance.

iii. Criminal processes can be complex and lengthy. A finding of not guilty may not necessarily mean that the abuse did not occur. Consult with a lawyer.


e) Document the outcome of the investigation on the incident report form. Document the results of the internal follow-up.


2.1 Many of the steps above would also apply when:

a) A child discloses abuse by someone outside the organization

b) A peer discloses on behalf of another child

c) An Adult suspects a child is abused

d) The safety of the child and other children in the organization must be ensured at all times in the process.


2.2 Legal guidance should be sought prior to suspension or dismissal.



If you, or someone close to you has been the victim of unacceptable behaviour, please use the resources below.

Outside Sport

If you think a child or youth under 19 years of age is being abused or neglected, you have the legal duty to report your concern to a child welfare worker.


Report all incidents of suspected, observed, or disclosed abuse to your nearest Ministry of Social Services Office, First Nations Child and Family Services Agency or local police/RCMP. A person reporting suspected neglect or abuse is not required to provide their name.

For all after hours incidents or concerns, immediately contact your nearest After Hours Crisis Centre:

  • Prince Albert - 306-764-1011

  • Saskatoon - 306-933-6200

  • Regina - 306-569-2724

  • Local Police/RCMP in other communities

  • a local First Nations Child and Family Service Agency



If you, or a child you know needs help, the KIDS HELP PHONE (1-800-668-6868) is Canada's only national 24-hour bilingual and anonymous phone counselling, web counselling and referral service for children and youth.


Inside Sport - This is the National Safe Sport Hotline!

Are you looking to report from another sport? Or are you more comfortable reporting "outside" of soccer?

Abuse Free Sport websitewww.

Abuse Free Sport

Abuse Free Sport phone/text: 1-888-83SPORT (1-888-837-7678)


Available through Sask Sport Inc.

Respect in Sport Resource Line

The Respect Resource Line provides bilingual response to calls, texts or emails by expert staff who will guide you to the necessary resources pertaining to: 

  • child and youth maltreatment

  • bullying

  • hazing

  • national/provincial child and youth protection laws, and

  • organization-specific risk management and dispute resolution models.

Confidential and Anonymous Resource

Individuals who access the Respect Resource Line are not required to disclose their identities. In the event you are faced with a situation involving maltreatment and are unsure how to proceed, the Respect Resource Line is available 365 days per year to assist, through the below platforms:



Inside Soccer

Canada Soccer has an established independent whistleblower hotline, operated by a third party, which provides a secure location to lodge complaints or share information anonymously.  

Whistleblower Hotline: 1-800-661-9675 


Read more about the Canada Soccer WhistleBlower program.


For more information on Saskatchewan Soccer Association Policies and Procedures, and how to submit a complaint, please on the below links:

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