Celtic Teams for Indoor


Congratulations to all the players listed below who made the Celtic teams!


U9 Boys


Sawyer Basaraba

Drew Charabin

Harry Caron

Jesse Court

Eli Daschuk

Ben Disiewich

Luke Franc

Joey  Gaudry

Zeke Greyeyes

Lennon Hammond

Tanner Jones

Parker Krasilowez

Gage Laliberte

Nasri Makari

Karter Morin

Asher Nault

Laykin Northey

Hutch Parentau

Duke Redekopp- Gervais

Ari Robin

Raiden Rothenburg

Noah Thompson

Laker Tsannie

Ezekiel Turner

Conor Turner - Wichihin

Kenneth Turner - Wichihin

Caleb Walter

Daxyn Wilson


U9 Girls


Wren da Silva

Sawyer Gareau

Gurmehar Kaur

Natalie Lypchuk

Paige Milburn

Evelyn Myrol

Mya Paupst

Nova Trudel

Mauriono Voluta

Anjali Zelensky

Ranyelle Kennedy

Nishka Narothum


U11 Boys


Zain Albardan

Rami Alothman

Carter Basaraba

Valentino Cabrera

Beckett Cantin

David Chiyane

Jaxon Desjardins

Brant Fazio

August Guidinger

Noah Guidinger

Peter Guidinger

Parker Johnson

Elijah Kongawi

Loick Leachman

Austin Markos

Josepjh Marshall

Enzo Pormento

Julian Mayer

Rhett Meakin-Rowden

James Mihilewicz

Yashil Narothum

Billy Oullet

Niall Thornton

John Vu

Alastair Watt

Thane Zalewski

Micah Frimong

Nicholac Corzo


U11 Girls


Zendaya Chokani

Emily Coertze

Abbigail Dinney

Emily Dorosh

Ellie Du Plessis

Addyson Dueck

Natalie Dumont

Lauren Gorder

Mia Gutka

Bree Isbister

Leah Holtslag

Ava Krasicki

Elle Kristiansen

Zarina Larocque

Abrey Law

Anyssa Makari

Katie Manson

Grace Meakin-Rowden

Ayma Mushka

Hailey Njaa

Kenize Parentau

Madynn Pawliw

Geporgia Pocha

Kate Popescul

Mavery Redekopp - Gervais

Sarah Rushby

Ella Sander

Blakely Saufert

Jayda Schmalz

Phoenix Sjogren

Kesa Thorsen

Emma Trann

Ella Trudel

Zoey Walter

Camdyn Wilkinson

Jessa Wolfe


U13 Boys


Gage Cameron

Omar Albardan

Akech Yuot

Finn Cantin

Fynn Hurst

Jayson Nimubona

Owen Nimubona

Roman Ruskovski

Oluwabakumi Adebayo

Seth Zanidan

Qais AlAsmi

David Akinjobi


U13 Girls


Davina Akinjobi

Sophie Du Plessis

Elise Dube

Adrianna Fazio

Brielle Johnson

Ashtyn King

Dorica Mulume

Abigail Ndubuka

Hadlee Pawliw

Avery Saufert

Sophia Walter

Embrie Wilkinson

Ava Yahyahkeekoot


U15 Boys


Tanin Bear

Andi Bunjaku

Kayen Chokani

Sawyer Cowan

Jonathan Gamble

Reid Gareau

Andre Grobler

Hayden Helstrip

Nathan Jereda

Luca Lavoie

Mikel Ndubuka

Connor Quellet

Amryn Silveira

Joel Thomas

Mahad Waseem Ullah

Troy Zalewski


U15 Girls


Bella Adams

Toluwanimi Adebayo

Madelyn Bear

Katana-Mary Billay

Jessie Brown

Desiree Dinney

Suraiya Larocque

Ava Law

Emma Leland

Saryn Lepine

Mila Stonechild

Cadence Tomiak

Azaylie Wuttunee

Bailey Burr

Shakira Bird

Shantia Bird


U17 Girls TBA


U19 Boys

Joseph Ndubuka

Nnamdi Ndubuka

Kenneth Gonzalez

Kai Immanuel Gradin

Ethan Bourassa

Anderson Raas

Bryce MacDonald Miller

Isaac Rugabisha

Jospin Modokosh

Jackson Lepage

Ethan Regnier

Milan Muriithi

Tory Cameron


Celtic Coaches for Indoor


U9 Girls - Dwayne Gareau

U9 Boys - Kia Makari


U11 Boys - David Cantin, Oriana Watt

U11 Girls Green - Nicole Walker, Shay Sywstun

U11 Girls White - Danielle Makari


U13 Girl - Cameron DuPlessis

U13 Boys - Rod McKay


U15 Girls - Cameron DuPlessis

U15 Boys - Ryan Kennedy, Clark Hillaby


U17/19 Boys - Nnamdi Ndubuka

U17 Girls - Cameron DuPlessis




Photo Album

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Kalli Update:

Kalli Cowles, has signed a professional contract to play soccer in the premier division in Australia!


Congratulations Kalli! Team Canada won silver. PAYSA is also proud! 

On Friday, October 21st I’ll be flying out to Colombia to represent Team Canada on the National stage. I can’t help but think back to where it all started; Prince Albert Celtic Soccer.

I started playing Celtics when I was 8 years old and have been playing the game every year since. When I think of youth soccer, a core group of 1998 players come to mind that no other city in the province wanted to play. We were physical, gritty, and had that never give up mindset. Most importantly, we were taught that our team is our family, and we protect our family at all costs. This is one of the many reasons why I make an effort to come back home to play soccer with my dad in Men’s League. Even though he doesn’t need my help and has taught me everything I know about soccer, I always want to be there to back him up ;). PA soccer made me into the unique player I am today and I couldn’t be more grateful.

After high school, I went on to play 5 years of with the University of Saskatchewan Women’s Soccer Team. After my 3rd year, myself and a few teammates moved to Regina for the summer to play Semi-Pro in the UWS league throughout the United States. In fall of 2021 I finished my 5th season as a Huskie, ending University with a Degree in Sociology, and Minoring in Psychology. Summer 2022 came around and I decided I wasn’t finished playing competitively yet, so I reached out to teams in League 1 Ontario and decided to play for Oakville Blue Devils. Fast forward to today, I’m playing on the Canadian National Futsal Team and going to represent my country at the AMF World Cup. What a ride it’s been!

The above achievements are what people see on paper, but I think the more important things to take away cannot be written. It’s the lifelong relationships that I’ve built, the mistakes I’ve learnt from, the challenges I’ve pushed through, and the personal growth I’ve had from pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. The moments in between the thrilling wins or devastating losses are often forgotten about, but I’ve learnt they are some of the most important moments. It’s how you react to adversity that will ultimately determine your future.


To the players,

Enjoy exactly where you are right now. Being a part of a team sport is something that will undoubtedly help you in many areas of your life. Be the hardest worker in the room and don’t forget to smile while you’re at it. In order for you to excel, you have to enjoy what you’re doing. Don’t get me wrong, there will be moments where you question things, but push through those moments if you truly love the game. It’s a test that will make you stronger and even happier you decided to keep moving forward. Myself and multiple other people from Prince Albert have been exactly where you are and we want you to know it’s very possible to play soccer at the next level. If you’re reading this and have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I wish I had someone to ask questions to when I was younger.  


Once a Celtic, always a Celtic.


Kalli Cowles





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 Celtic Player Cards


All registered Celtic players require a “Celtic player card” as identification in order to attend tournaments.

To obtain this card, simply bring a valid health card and current photo of the child to the PAYSA office at any time. 




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